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Joint statement of Rosneft and the Chechen Republic

12 April 2017

With regard to publication of an article in the Financial Times comprising false inventions concerning relations between Rosneft company and the Chechen Republic authorities which were immediately passed on by resources financed by Khodorkovsky's structures, we must clarify the issue. Especially, as the matter of these inventions involves sensitive aspects of the personal relations between Igor Ivanovich Sechin and Ramzan Akhmatovich Kadyrov and violates the honoured legacy of Akhmat-Hadji Kadyrov with whom Igor Sechin had close acquaintance since 1999.

Claims about «the Chechen connection» that someone allegedly tries to trace in the course of the investigation of terrorist attacks in St. Petersburg, are at the very least an incitement of interethnic hatred, i.e. a penal action. It is surprising that FT being one of the top world business newspapers participates in servicing provocations of criminal figures of the so-called «opposition» who are trying to project their well-known criminal experience to the relations between the Republic and the largest Russian corporation.

We state that we have a longstanding and multilateral respectful business and human relations. We resolve any issues arising within our cooperation in a constructive way. The published and spread conjectures are knowingly proofless and conscious lie, with regard to which we have to consider the prospects of applying to courts of various jurisdictions.

Chief Executive Officer of Rosneft
I.I. Sechin 

Head of the Chechen Republic
R.A. Kadyrov