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Social Policy

Adhering to the principles of high social responsibility, Rosneft traditionally pays special attention to creating a favorable social environment at its enterprises and in the regions where it operates.

The Company's activities in terms of creating a favorable social environment primarily include:

  • continuous improvement of social and living conditions at work, including in remote regions when conducting activities in difficult climatic conditions;
  • organization of emergency medical care at the Company's facilities;
  • comprehensive housing program, including corporate mortgages;
  • personnel health protection system, support and promotion of a healthy lifestyle
  • corporate pension program and social support project for veterans;
  • insurance programs.

The Rosneft 2022 strategy includes additional important social strategic initiatives that set a new vector for the development of the Company's social policy. These included the following programs:

  • "Social medicine". It includes the expansion of the network of industrial health centers, the development of telemedicine technologies, and the introduction of a qualitatively new medical examination program.
  • "Active Ageing Program". It implies regular indexation of corporate pensions at the expense of the investment income of the Company's pension fund.

Rosneft Oil Company implements on a systematic basis a package of measures in the area of staff health care, aiming to ensure for its employees up-to-date and high-quality medical services, organizing recreational and sanatorium-resort therapy, preventive treatment and promoting healthy way of life.

Against the backdrop of high mortgage interest rates and a limited offer of rental units in small towns and residential areas the Company is implementing a comprehensive program to provide residential space for its employees.

An inherent part of the social and personnel policy of Rosneft is the corporate pension program for employees of the Company's Subsidiaries.